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1. What is the definition of Alt Lit?

2. People disagree as to what Alt Lit is, or should be, or whether it is even a ‘thing’

3. This is probably because anyone can become part of Alt Lit by #tagging their writing ‘Alt Lit’

4. This makes Alt Lit qualitatively different from literary movements of the past

5. Alt Lit is defined by its participants and anyone (with Internet) can participate in Alt Lit

6. There are no gatekeepers of #Alt Lit - notice how Steve Roggenbuck became part of Alt Lit. He didn’t ask anyone politely to be ‘let in’. He just did his thing systematically and hash tagged relentlessly.

7. My name is Oscar Schwartz

8. I am writing an academic paper on Alt Lit (as part of PhD on whether computers can write poetry)

9. Academics define a literary movement from the outside

10. They do this by referencing literary theories and historical examples of similar movements and then analogise these theories and historical examples with what they are studying

11. I don’t want to impose definitions on Alt Lit by using this academic method (exclusively)

12. I feel like defining Alt Lit by only referencing literary theories and historical examples would be a misrepresentation of what Alt Lit is and how it behaves as an Internet thing

13. So: I want to collect definitions of what Alt Lit is from as many Alt Lit writers/readers/participants as possible


15. I want an open, participatory definition of Alt Lit and I want to include it in my academic paper

16. I want this paper to be an actual example of how Alt Lit works, how it is inclusive and collaborative and continuously re-defined. I don’t want this paper to just be writing about Alt Lit. I want it to somehow embody the spirit of Alt Lit.

17. I am doing this project in collaboration with Meta Knight of Alt Lit Press

18. Send either of us an email or respond to us via our blogs: In 100 words write your definition of Alt Lit

19. Oscar Schwartz: email = | blog =

20. Meta Knight email = | blog =

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