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Rvw: if u dont love IF YOU DONT LOVE THE MOON, YOUR AN ASSHOLE, you’re an asshole


Just read this book this morning

This book is physically smaller than Roggenbuck’s previous, CRUNK JUICE, but seems to have more words/pg. 

Roggenbuck is therefore providing more “bang for your buck”


I vaguely remember reading somewhere that Walt Whitman wanted LEAVES OF GRASS to be able to fit in ppl’s pockets, but LEAVES OF GRASS seems a little too long to fit in pockets. IF YOU DONT LOVE THE MOON can actually fit in a pocket I think. This is good


My fav part of this book: there’s a Star Wars quote Roggenbuck claims to identify with at the beginning: “padme said youre not all powerful, ani,and anakin said, well i should be.” 

This quote sets the pace for the book

Roggenbuck is a very confident person. 

I just thought about writing, “Well, at least his poetry is confident, I haven’t met him IRL, so idk really” but TBH I think through his poems I can tell he’s confident IRL too; I feel comfortable claiming that

I think a lot of Roggenbuck’s poems have to do with something called "self-realization". Self-realization is like the Western version of an Eastern thing called “Enlightenment,” I think. Roggenbuck seems to be ” a poet on a quest toward self-realization,” which is a Romantic thing to be

Just thought, “Roggenbuck is a good mix of Western & Eastern, bc he writes about mindfulness & sorta Buddhist things, but he also embodies strong parts of Western culture, like independence, egotism (in a good way),” etc.


This book has a sense of “internet humor” I wouldn’t normally find funny, as we’ve all been online & seen enough “internet humor,” but which, when employed by Roggenbuck, is somehow still funny, is somehow funnier than the “internet humor” we’ve all heard before


One criticism: If I have any complaint about this book it’s that a lot of the content is words Roggenbuck has already posted online before or used in videos, & so if you follow Roggenbuck online (which I do) you may encounter some repeat material

It’s hard to complain, though, as this book neatly compiles an otherwise scattered & difficult to “capture” collection of “stuff” from Roggenbuck


A “cornerstone” of poetry / verse is line breaks: in fact it’s about all that separates poetry from prose: line breaks

But in IF YOU DONT LOVE THE MOON, there are a lot of big paragraphs without line breaks

These paragraphs catch me off guard

It’s hard for me to discern with these whether Roggenbuck was trying to write “prose poems”—which are just, like, verse without line breaks—or was trying to just pack as many words per page into this book as he could via not using too many paragraphs

Either way seems good

Roggenbuck seems like the type of writer who wouldnt really care whether he was “trying to write ‘prose poems’ or trying to ‘get a lot of words per page’”


Another big theme in the book is “love” I think

I am usually not too excited by “love poems,” because there are so many of them & they all tend to sound similar to me, but Roggenbuck’s “love poems” are unlike most “love poems.” Here is a video of a love poem included in the book

I think the difference between his love poems & most love poems I read is: his are exciting & pumped, whereas most I read are wistful &/or melancholy


Basically if you’re at all interested in what is going on with “internet poetry / alt lit / Tumblr / net art / Twitterature / on-lit,” I don’t know how you can’t be interested in Roggenbuck

He’s undoutedly “ahead of the pack”


If I had to “bet” on “which Tumblr / internet personality will actually ‘make something of’ all the shit they do online,” I would put my money on Roggenbuck for sure



The back of the book says AN INTERNET BARD AT LAST & this is a very accurate description I think


Basicaly, if you dont love IF YOU DONT LOVE THE MOON, YOUR AN ASSHOLE, youre an asshole

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